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A solution based platform for agents of change to catalyze ideas, businesses and society.

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using creativity for good * building something from nothing * finding what works *

we are an impact-focused brand and communications consultancy identifying and developing new ways of creating for the planet

  • BeadWORKS creates opportunities for pastoralist women in northern Kenya to translate their traditional skills into much-needed income. By promoting peaceful community partnerships, we are committed to conserving natural resources and wildlife through self-governed, community-owned conservancies and sustainable, social and ethical enterprise.

  • Wires Glasses creates zero-waste eyewear. All glasses are genderless, handcrafted in Italy using 3D printed rims.

  • The Other Bar is an experiment in Radical Equality, designed to take a bite out of poverty through the simple act of buying a chocolate bar.

    Ecuador | Netherlands
  • Impossible is an innovation group and incubator creating better businesses. Their Planet Centric Design framework uses the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a guide to improve the planet, help people and change business.

    Portugal | USA
  • NRTT is a business accelerator that empowers local communities affected by climate change to achieve a productive, self-reliant future through enterprise.

  • OM sources ethical, handmade, one-of-a-kind products from artisans and artisan partners all around the world. The goal is to share the artisans’ stories with the consumer and to provide access to economic opportunity to support their families.

  • EDP is a leading company in the energy sector, which integrates, in its culture, commitments with its customers, with people and with the environment.


Why do we do it?

Our philosophy

New perspectives drive change: we believe in a new way of doing business and consuming.

More Equal. More Mindful. Based on the Creative Economy.

Our values

  • Boldness

    We are creative. We are innovative. We are not afraid of testing new concepts. We are not afraid of being associated with controversial issues. We speak up for what we believe.

  • Transparency

    We are transparent with ourselves. With our clients. With our partners. We need total transparency for innovation.

  • Doing good, not less bad

    We work with brands and projects that tangibly create a positive impact on society and planet. We believe in a shift where people and businesses take responsibility for their actions, are aligned with their ecosystem and value everything and everyone.

  • Community

    We live on the power of networking. We believe everyone is equal and we have a horizontal hierarchy where we are all active agents of change. We share our knowledge and skills with everyone that has a positive impact.

Are you a peach?

  • Ana Germano
    Ana Germano

    Head Of Content Creation


    Founder & CEO

  • Frauke Oedekoven
    Frauke Oedekoven

    Head of Partnerships

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